Islam In India

In the early 1980s, scriptwriter Shama Zaid (Garm Hava, Umrao Jaan, Mandi, Trikaal etc.) director husband M S Sathyu and a motley group of people, with a camera in tow, took a van across India with the view to document the Islamic tradition in India.

Islam has a long and symbiotic relationship with the Indian subcontinent. Islamic culture, poetry, architecture and tradition had, since its entry into India, percolated into the existing Indian tradition, producing a beautiful syncretism of cultures that has found its way into folk, music, art, crafts and architecture of India.

Islam In India, a rarely seen but an extremely important document especially in our fundamentalist times is Shama Zaidi’s only directorial venture and captures this tradition in the subcontinent.

Director: Shama Zaidi
Produced By: M S Sathyu

Video Courtesy: Shama Zaidi